“Pumping” The Brakes – A Good Idea?

October 11th, 2016

Years ago, your dad might have told you that “pumping” the brake pedal was a good idea on wet or slippery pavement, so you could maintain control of the 

Brake Repair in Indianapolis INvehicle without locking up any of the wheels and sending the car into a skid. Well, that’s some pretty outdated advice today.

Every vehicle now features antilock brakes (ABS), which greatly in vehicle control during an emergency stop. ABS brakes use a sensor at each wheel to monitor the wheel’s rotational speed. That information is then sent to a processor; if any wheel is in danger of going into a skid, the processor meters braking  (through a system of pumps and valves) to reduce braking effort to that wheel. This is a cycle that happens hundreds of times per second, with the ABS system essentia ...[more]

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